This assignment is to pick a place you know very little bit about and find out more about it. The purpose of this assignment is to move outside our comfort zone to find a discourse community we don’t necessarily know much of anything about. Choosing Stout Adventures seemed fitting, as before doing this profile, I had no knowledge of this community. After doing research, conducting interviews, and more, we were to create a blog based on the information we found. This blog consists of a home page, an about me, and profile.This profile was to be at least two pages, consisting of hyperlinks, citations, the term “discourse community” and the term “literacy” or “literacies,” at least two different times. After creating the profile, a reflection is to be written. We are to give ourselves 20-30 minutes to think through the reflection and to respond to specific prompts. The prompts consist of why we chose the place we did, who the profile audience is, and why this assignment is useful for us. The audience for this specific profile is Stoutonia. I chose this audience because we have written a profile for them in the past, the format is easy, and it is a good way to reach out and inform the community.